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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Connecting Materials Together with Construction Tools

Connecting materials is a fundamental act of home construction. The motions and energy required for construction can be measured with scientific equipment. 

Consider the following graphs, excerpted from The Science of Home Construction from Schottenbauer Publishing

Discussion Questions
  1. What physical action is required to make this particular graph? 
  2. How many times is the screwdriver turned?
  3. How many angles is the screwdriver turned each time? Make a table containing the value for each event.
  4. What is the average angle turned by the screwdriver?
  5. What is the total angle turned by the screwdriver?
  6. Over what period of time is the screwdriver turned during each rotation event? Make a table containing the value for each event.
  7. What is the average length of time for a turn of the screwdriver?
  8. What are the minimum and maximum angular velocity values?
  9. What are the minimum and maximum angular acceleration values?

Discussion Questions
  1. What is the maximum real power? 
  2. What is the maximum apparent power? 
  3. What is the maximum current?
  4. Does it take more power to insert or remove the screw? Why?
  5. Why does removing the screw not take a negative amount of power?

Over 8,000 graphs from Schottenbauer Publishing provide additional real-life topics for student learning, including sports, transportation, construction, environment, music, entertainment/toys, and general physics. 

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